How To Reset Your WP Password Through phpMyAdmin

There’s more than one way to recover your administrator password with WordPress. Probably the most straightforward way to do so is to use the “Forgot password” function, which resets your password and emails a new temporary password to your email.

But what if you also lost access to your previous email address? In that case, the best way to recover your WP password is to use PhpMyAdmin to reset the password within your database.

  • Login to phpMyAdmin through cPanel
  • You’ll see a list of databases.  Select the database associated with the WordPress blog where you want to change the password
  • Look for the table wp_users and click the “browse” icon
  • Find your username in the user_login column
  • Click edit
  • You will see your user_id.  Click “edit”.
  • You’ll see a list of random numbers and letters next to user_pass.  This is your old password encrypted.
  • Type in your new password
  • Click the dropdown menu next to your password, and select MD5.  This will encrypt your new password.
  • Click Go in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • There you go!  You should be able to login to WordPress with your new password.

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